Furring Ceiling System

 System Overview

The furring ceiling system is a method of fixing one or two layers of 12.5 mm plasterboard to metal suspended grid to provide a smooth ceiling where additional decoration may be applied.

 System Components:


  1. Furring Channel (35x25 mm).

  2. Main Channel (38 or 45mm).

  3. Plasterboard.

  4. Angle (25x25mm).

  5. Channel Bracket.

  6. Preformed Wire Clip.


Fixing Notes

bullet The main channels should have maximum centers of 1200 mm. bullet The furring channels should have maximum centers of 600 mm (single plasterboard) or 450 mm (two plasterboards). bullet 32mm or 38mm drywall screws may be used to fix the plasterboard to the furring channels. bullet Wire clips should be used at every intersection between the main and furring channels. bullet Suspended ceiling hangers should be used at least every 1200mm.